Through my personal life and work I often find myself needing to speak on themes of identity, gender, and race.

These conversations often lead to creative explorations, some of which you’ll find below.

AFROBET (2015):

Afrobet  is a mockup alphabet poster that was created with young black children in mind. The initial goal of this typographic exploration project, that I created in collaboration with Anya De La Haye, was to play with places in which typography can be found and placed but the project soon became much more about ideas of representation, identity and exposure. I hope to expand on this project in the coming months and have a set of posters and children’s books printed for the black community.


But I Speak Sound  is a non-linear sound-documentary/soundscape project I created that addresses some of my reflections on my linguistic history and identity. In But I Speak Sound, I paint the sound environment I grew up in, in order to highlight the qualities, similarities and differences within these sound cultures I am native to and explore the social implications of the hierarchical order in which I was taught to use these languages by weaving in social commentary throughout the project.  You can read more about my creative process here