Back in  2011, I was on vacation with my family when my cousin Alexey (aka ..el tipo este..) made me realize that my camera had a video function and convinced me to record an interview of him talking about his upcoming solo album. From that moment on I have been completely hooked.  I’ve worked with festivals, produced music videos, made community collaboration pieces and most recently won the pimentiste best short documentary film award for my film Kafou Kreyol which screened at the Montreal Black Film Festival of 2014.

Below you’ll find some of the productions that have meant a lot to me along this journey.

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Salvar el Hip Hop – ..el tipo este..
Salvar el Hip Hop is my most recent collaboration with ..el tipo este..,  the audio track is a tribute to J Dilla and the Hip Hop culture and this video that was shot edited and released in under 6 hours is a tribute to my our friendship. He’s always pushing me out of my comfort zone to do great things.Te quiero Ale!!


Kafou Kreyol

Kafou Kreyol is an exploration of Haitian Creole, its history and meaning to the worldwide black population and its reality in the Haitian diaspora in Montreal. It gives us a glimpse into the beauty and complex life story of this language that is often heard in the streets of Montreal.

This is a short documentary that I produced and directed as of part of the ‘Youth & Diversity’ program of the Montreal Black Film Festival of 2014. It screened during the festival and was awarded the Pimientiste best short documentary film award.


SamiamShow Your Light – Sam I Am Montolla

Show Ya light (Prod. Shash’U) was a collaborative video experience in which I got to work with Nik Brovkin (OvertheBreaks) and Mariel Rosenbluth to make Sam-I-Am’s vision to life.

Her family of dancers (Leah McFly “Waackeisha” McKesey, Erich “Mean Jean” Etienne, Ja “Jigsaw” Britton Johnson), make-up artist (Dangerously Elektra) and stylist (Leah McFly “Waackeisha” McKesey) were a key part of this production and the strong energy they brought to the set exudes throughout this video.


Kalmunity: A Reflection

Kalmunity: A Reflection is a short documentary on the live improv music collective, Kalmunity Vibe Collective and their involvement in Montreal.

This was my first documentary and jump-started my career and passion for documentary film.