Much of my creative work touches on themes of identity, gender, and race, which has inevitably lead me to consider and research representational practices throughout history and within my practice. Writing about my work and research has really helped me structure my projects and enabled me to have a certain transparency and responsibility for the productions I put out and how they are interpreted. In this section you will find essays and reflections I have made on theories I’ve contemplated, creations I’ve encountered, and of course my own practice. If you are looking for reflections on particular project I’ve done and do not see it below, please feel free to e-mail at, I will gladly share my experience and vision.



Portraiture: The Veiled Implications – In this essay I explore the history of portrait photography and how some of the veiled implications of its conception affect current photographic representational practices and cues.

Reflections on my work 


But I Speak Sound (2014) – A non-linear sound-documentary/soundscape project addressing my linguistic history in relation to politics, culture and identity.

The Matriarch: Using the Self-Reflective Interview as a Research Method (2015) – A exploration of the self-reflective interview as a research method and creation process for my upcoming project The Matriarch.