Image captured by  Foster K. White

Image captured by Foster K. White

AnnicK MF


born, raised and based out of tio’tia:ke (montreal), on traditional kanien’kehá:ka territory

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Annick MF is a writer, media maker and community organizer based out of tio’tia:ke (Montreal). In her work she explores the many marginalizing politics that impact her body, surroundings and communities on a daily. For her Master’s thesis, she explored ways to unpack the complex racial and lingual dynamics of Montreal with youth, through a research-creation project called Understanding Blackness in Montreal: A Toolkit for Engaging Youth in Critical Dialogue Around Race, which led to the Mapping Blackness in Montreal workshops she leads. In continuation of themes from her thesis, she is currently working on a graphic memoir / journal (due to publish in Fall 2019) from the perspective of her younger self navigating the racialized experiences of growing up in Montreal. Bi-weekly Annick can also be found hosting the When Matriarchs Gather podcast, which is a platform for matriarchs (mamas, non-mamas, aunties, elders and youngins) to gather, share practice, and shape community together. Outside of her personal projects Annick offers services as a workshop facilitator, speaker, and project consultant.