Keynote / Guest speaker / Moderator / Panelist:

Looking for someone to keynote your event? Thinking of a guest speaker for your class? Dreaming of your all-star panelists & moderator? I might just be the one for you. I’ve been public speaking for over a decade now and I have lots to say on many things. Some of my subjects of interest/experience include: Black experiences in Montreal, Community organizing, Project management, Motherhood, Reproductive rights, Insemination, Single parenting, Alternative youth education, Intergenerational community shaping, Black & Indigenous alliances, Inter-racial friendships, Black scholar experiences, and Montreal Black Arts.

Base fees: Keynote (400$), Guest Speaker (250$), Moderator (150$), Panelist (100$) *if your budget doesn’t match my fees you can still contact me, I occasionally offer sliding scale or in-kind payments if the season permits.

Want to get a feel for my mind and voice? Check out my podcast When Matriarchs Gather

Project Consulting:

Are you imagining a project (educational, creative, cultural, social) and would like some guidance, support, and outside perspective?

Meghan Gagliardi and I might be able to help you with your endeavour. Meghan and I have been working together at C-FAR (Critical Feminist Activism in Research) for the last 3 years where we have been in charge of assessing, developing, and supporting emerging projects tackling systemic injustices around Concordia University. As a duo, we’ve realized that we offer an important and unique set of expertise and experiences that we would like to share beyond our university community.

Meghan’s background is anchored in the duality between her experience growing up in a working class family and the privileges and opportunities that have been afforded to her as a white and educated woman. Born and raised in a factory town, Meghan recognized early on in her life that if she wanted to make her own way out of her hometown of Peterborough, Ontario to attend university she would have to take on matters into her own hands. Like the rest of her family, she worked in grocery stores and the factory and then developed her skills in grant writing early to convince academic institutions to fund her education for the entirety of her studies. Once in the university, Meghan grappled with the reality that her white body was read very differently than the bodies of her BIPOC peers, and that her belonging was not questioned even while struggling with her own imposter syndrome as a working-class student in an elitist institution. It is the privilege of this assumed belonging that Meghan leverages in her consultative work grant-writing for social justice projects in the university and beyond. Over the last few years she has learned how to develop her lived experience as part of the unique expertise she brings to the world. Through the many social justice initiatives she has participated in and contributed to as well as her employment as Head of Research / Project Co-Coordinator at C-FAR, Meghan has explored her sense of purpose and developed her expertise as a financial planner in project management. Some of the skill she’s developed through these experiences include grant writing, financial management, and assessing project viability. As a consultant, she can help you develop and assess your budget and financial plan, identify and approach potential funders and collaborators, and plan for and address unexpected costs or issues.

My background is anchored in community organizing, which was engrained in me from even before I was in the womb. My father was a political exiled from his homeland Ayiti (Haiti) for his student activism and my mother was sent to Canada by my grandmother who was afraid that she wouldn’t survive in Ayiti because she was too opinionated and would fight for Justice. When they got here their activism never stopped and I grew up seeing them speak on community radio, starting community magazines and always supporting community organizing. From them I learned to be an active community member and started participating in any way I could whether that be selling tickets at the door, speaking on the radio, performing or what has my became my main passion: coordinating projects. I still remember the first independent project I took on when I was 15, let’s just say I’ve learned a lot along the way. The many projects I’ve organized since and my employment at C-FAR as the Community Outreach Coordinator / Project Co-Coordinator has really helped me find my particular style and expertise, which I am very excited to share with the world. Some of my specialities include project visioning, communications/public relations and building community partnerships. As a consultant, I can help you create a sustainable long vision for your project, build meaningful relationships with your audience/participants, best communicate your goal & message to your audience, and prepare your promotion plan.

Initial consultation is 50$, which includes an hour one-on-one session where we’ll hear out your project idea and goals, give you our first thoughts and feedback, and assess in which ways we can help your endeavor. Whether you choose to continue further with our services or not, our goal with this first consultation is for you to leave with a clear idea of what your next steps need to be.

* We do offer sliding scale, please mention it in your consultation request if you need access to this resource *

To book an initial consultation send us an email at with a summary of your idea, your timeline, what you think your project will cost, and the kind of support you are looking for.

**Note on out of town Bookings**

Travel expenses: for a request of services outside of the Greater Montreal Area, roundtrip transportation from montreal to the location & accommodations should be added to service fee

Childcare: I rarely travel without my child so if you’d like my services outside of my city please be prepared for me to have my child with me at the event and/or consider having adequate childcare available on-site