Congratulations, you are a family.

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You are a family

I ran into a couple of friends today (2 amazing Black men from the city) at Resonance café (a great Black owned café/venue) today who didn't know I was pregnant/my unique pregnancy story yet so we had a beautiful chat about it all and caught up on each other lives. I've had a lot of mixed reactions from people about my pregnancy so I've learned to be a little wary and try not to take things to personally when people are weird about it so I was very pleasantly surprised by their beautiful/heartfelt reactions. They both looked at me with such tenderness, love and awe in their eyes that I was not expecting. I felt so honoured, so worthy, so cared for. To receive this affection from Black men is particularly important for me and I am so grateful to be surrounded by this type of love. As I was leaving, one of them said to me 'Congratulations, you are a family'... his words were straight poetry to my heart. And he's right, I am a family. I carry my family with me every moment of every day and I am so blessed to be able to do so.

Thank you fellas, you made this mama's day xo

Annick MF