Pregnancy Month 8

Month 8 (29-32 weeks):

Ok so it’s been awhile since I got around to writing on this platform and to be honest my memory of this month is slightly blurry but let’s try to recap anyway. So this month started off with a beautiful visit from my home girl who I hadn’t seen in … dang like 2 years or so.. man that’s a pretty long time. Anyway we have one of those friendships that pauses while we’re away from each other (cause we’re both busy bodies who aren’t super good with keeping long-distance contact) and then literally picks up right where we started when we’re near each other again. It was so nice to have here and get up to our typical shenanigans. We ate all the food, danced to all the tunes and stayed out way later than my usual bedtime. It’s crazy how people think pregnant women can’t do ish or at least shouldn’t. We went to a house party and people were like ‘oh how far along are you? I can’t believe you’re out and dancing’ or ‘Woah be careful now, don’t get so low, you might give birth on the dancefloor’… are you serious homie? Do you really think that’s how birth happens… Some girl drops it low and pop the baby comes flying out. Dang if it was humans would be popping babies like bunnies. I get that I’m not the typical preggo lady image and I’ve been really blessed with a smooth, easy and fun pregnancy but I also think it’s pretty messed up that people automatically think that pregnancy is a crippling state that keeps us locked up for 9 months. I can’t generalize though, there were also some really dope people who were really happy to see me out and about and told me it was encouraging for them to see pregnancy in this way.. shout outs to y’all, you know who you are.

Anyway back to the pregnancy update.. So as you can deduce from above, physically I felt pretty amazing in this past month. Weight gain was still slow but by now I’m just accepting that that is how my body processes pregnancy.. by relying mainly on old fat stores.. and really I can’t complain. I also went on a trip this past month to fulfill my desperate need for sunshine. Nothing like activating your melanin to make you feel alive again. When we flew out I was 30 weeks pregnant so I got a note from my midwife just in case the airline was strict on things like that but to be honest they barely noticed I was pregnant. I was glad that my note got me out going through their x-ray machinery things though. The flight itself wasn’t the most pleasant experience mainly cause I had to get up to pee every 30 mins but overall it was fine plus going to the bathroom a bunch made me walk the aisles a few times which was good for my circulation and the rest of the time I just slept. The flight was only like 5 hours though.. I’m not sure I would’ve handled a 10hr flight that well. As for baby boy.. he was kicking up a serious storm, the entire flight. I think it’s cause the sensations kinda freaked him out and he doesn’t really like it when I sit for long periods of time but it was actually fairly soothing for me cause when he’s kicking I know he’s doing well, if he had been silent the whole way I may have been more worried. When we got to destination my body coped with the weather and altitude change fairly well except my feet got swollen for the first time and stayed a little swollen pretty much the whole week we were there. Baby boy went back to normal kicking by the morning and I took advantage of the week off to sleep at every possible moment but I probably would’ve done so pregnant or not. The hardest thing about the trip was actually the transition back to Montreal. For one I caught a cold and for two, the week after we got back Montreal decided to into full snowstorm mode, which had me pretty much house bond. Luckily I had took advantage to get some good exercise while I was on vacation cause the snowstorms had me cuddled under my sheets with Netflix for a very unreasonable amount of time. That’s partly why this past month is a blur for me, I didn’t do much after our trip cause I was house bond (yes, I’m blessed that I can do most of my work from my bed) and to be honest I rather just forget those snowy days. Physically my pregnancy moved along smoothly and baby boy is now the size of a large cabbage, so that’s pretty exciting. I had a check up to check my iron levels and they came back pretty good which I’m pretty proud of cause I’ve always been what doctors consider borderline anemic. And that’s it really.. or at least what I remember.

See you in the next update xo

Annick MF