We're half way there.

Preggo Belly November 19 2016.jpg



I'm 21 weeks pregnant. It's crazy to think that half of my pregnancy has already passed. It feels quick and slow all at the same time. I read a quote on the gram that said something along the lines of .. 'As a mom, days are long but weeks, months and years pass by way too fast'. I'm already starting to feel that way. When I think about when my next midwife appointment is (aka the next time I'll hear baby's heart beat) I feel like time is in ultra slow motion but if I count how many weeks have passed already it feels like I just blinked my eye and got here. I think a big part of that is cause it took me a while to fully process that I'm actually pregnant and even more time to let myself indulge in the joy of being pregnant without health/medical fears or societal norms bringing down my vibe. I'm glad I've passed that hump. In 2017 I want to really let myself enjoy the second of my pregnancy and connect with my baby. I can now feel baby move around in my womb, which has already made me feel more grounded. The first half of this pregnancy was a little too abstract for me. Your whole world is changing but no one really sees it yet, you know your body is changing but you can't feel the new life in you yet, its odd.

beautiful but odd.

Annick MF