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Panel Presentation - Legacy of the Hall Building

On Saturday February 9th I’ll be presenting a piece called ‘Legacy of the Hall Building  - The Significance & Responsibility of this Space, Place and Time for Black Student Activists and Black Community Organizing in Montreal’ for the Protests & Pedagogy Conference in commemoration of the Sir Georges Williams Affair.


In this paper I explore the significance and responsibility that is embodied in the space, place and time(s) that surround Concordia University's Hall building in relation to Black Student Activists and Black community organizing in Montreal. By challenging our understanding of memory, history and time, I place the Sir George Williams Affair as part of the current experiences of Black Students at Concordia rather than a past movement.

To grapple with these larger themes and questions, I ground my focus on the Hall Building as a structure that has a point of access and a barrier for much of this work.