Mamahood was always in me but it felt missing. Through my son’s arrival the hidden parts of me came to light and I’ve felt whole ever since. For me, mamahood is the act participating in mothering whether be in my own role as a mama or in learning from others mamas and being mothered while also just simply the core of everything I am and do.

-Mama MF

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When Matriarchs Gather

When Matriarchs Gather is a podcast where I sit with dope Matriarchs for either a group show or a one-on-one episode. As most words, Matriarch has many connotations and definitions but for me it’s a non-hierarchal term that refers to women and girls who lead us forwards whether they be mamas, non-mamas, aunties, elders or youngins. If you believe in each one teach one then you know we’re all leaders at core and there’s something really special that is unleashed when we gather. Whether it’s to swap stories, share practices or shape community, our gatherings always bring more love, light & wisdom into my life.


Diary of a Matriarch

Nothing like a good diary entry to flush out the mind. I have stacks of journals at home that I’d never share with y’all but there’s something different that gets pulled out of me when I write my thoughts out knowing they’ll be open for public eyes. A different type of connection and introspection that my mind occasionally craves, so when the flow hits, you’ll find me here. Writing entries, stories and sometimes even songs about life, mamahood, and everything in between.

Don’t expect consistency.