As a black girl, I'm used to my mere existence being a revolutionary act; but in preparation for the arrival of my son, I had to actively engage in the revolutionary acts of loving and trusting myself because the politics that surround my skin, gender and civil status would have made me believe that we are not worthy of love and life.

- Annick MF

excerpt from “he’s here”, a piece i wrote on cbc

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When Matriarchs Gather

When Matriarchs Gather is a bi-weekly podcast where I gather dope Matriarchs for either a group show or a one-on-one episode. The most common definition of a Matriarch is ‘a woman who is the head of her family’ but I’ve expanded my personal definition of to include all women who lead whether they be mamas, non-mamas, aunties, elders or youngins. If you believe in each one teach one then you know we’re all leaders at core and there’s something really special that is unleashed when we gather. Whether it’s to swap stories, share practices or shape community, our gatherings always bring more love, light & wisdom into my life. Tune in every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month to get your own dose.


Diary of a Matriarch

There’s something cathartic [new word of the month! lol, all my friends started are using so I figured I’d join in #peerpressure] about posting your personal thoughts online. A little more polished than in my journal, directed at someone other than myself and my paper… something happens there. It’s like the narration helps me see my own life with new perspective. I like the feeling so here I am. Don’t expect any sort of consistency but the content will probably be juicy from time to time. If you wanna know me like that…