My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.

-Maya Angelou

creative outlets

Recently my two main creative outlets are writing and dancing but I haven’t felt moved to document their fruits quite yet.. when I do I’ll post some stuff here.

past creative lives

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Debut film Kafou Kreyol

Storytelling & Documentaries

There was a point in my life where I thought making documentaries would be my calling. I’ve now learned that I am a soul of many callings and that storytelling & story sharing will always be core to what I do. My debut documentary Kafou Krèyol is a special archive in my creative past because I learned a lot myself in its productions and so many of the participants in this film are deeply dear to my heart. I might end up shooting another doc one day when but for now, Kafou Kreyol has my heart.

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Articles on Music is My Sanctuary

Radio & Music Journalism

I’m an avid fan of Montreal Black Arts and I used to be a very active participant in the Montreal Hip Hop scene. I hosted a radio show, wrote for many magazines and covered quite a few events over the years. My focus has shifted recently but radio & music journalism still hold a special space in my heart so don’t be surprised if you see me drop a playlist, review or recommendation here and there.

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Show Ya Light video - Sam I AM Montolla

Music videos & Videography

When I was deep in my relationship with the Montreal Hip Hop scene I started carrying a camera around to capture photos of the greatness and somehow my cousin Alexey ended up convincing me to take up videography. I got to work so many great people, have access to amazing places and really push my creative mind. Videography is definitely not for me but I’m grateful for those experiences and proud of the moments I was able to capture. One of my personal fav projects of the sort was making Sam I Am’s music video for ‘Show Ya Light’. Talk about talent, love & light!