WMG - Episode 1 : Finding Balance with Sundus Abdul-Hadi

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Wanna learn more about Sundus? Check out her website and you can tune in to

her show The Groundbreakers every Wednesday at 2PM on CKUT

What’s up y’all! It’s with great pleasure that I am posting WMG’s second episode, a one-on-one soul talk with my girl Sundus Abdul-Hadi who’s voice you may recognize from our launch episode.

I brought Sundus in because I’ve always felt that she is the true embodiment of balance and needed to get a better understanding of what’s the upkeep, practices and mindset that allows her to take on so many important roles in this world. As a mama, wife, sister, daughter. artist, curator, radio host, master of media studies and soon to be author she is always trying to maintain balance and in today’s episode we got to unpack what that means for her.

Enjoy! xo MF

p.s: Sundus will be doing 3 readings of her first book Shams in Montreal and Toronto over the next few weeks so be sure to follow her instagram to stay updated on dates and locations

Annick MF