WMG - Episode 2: Honouring Growth with Shanice Nicole

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Y'all are getting an early treat! I wasn't supposed to post till next Wednesday but I don't want y'all to miss your opportunity to catch Shanice Nicole at one of her upcoming events. Yup you guessed it (or maybe I gave it away) this week's one-on-one soul talk was with the one and only Shanice Nicole.

I brought Shanice in because I’ve always wanted to get a better sense of how she navigates her roles as an educator, facilitator, artist and what I would call an online figure. In today's episode we got to touch on all that and it unfolded into a beautiful conversation around family, love, growth, boundaries and navigating the online world. Shanice's thoughtful presence and pace was super soothing and grounding for me and I hope it brings y'all a similar sense of peace and reflection.

Enjoy! xo MF

p.s: Shanice's next performance is this Sunday at Lux Magna at the ☼ We Are The Light: Music & Poetry by Womxn of Colour ☼ event. And while you're at it like her page Shanice Nicole so you can keep up to date with her other upcoming events.

Annick MF