When WMG was The Matriarch: Digging Deep with Mama Julz

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Back in 2015, I started the first iteration of When Matriarchs Gather which at the time I called ‘The Matriarch’. I knew this project was going to be a project that would stay in my life for a long time but since I had just been accepted into Concordia’s Master of Communications program, I had to put it on hold after just a few episodes so I could focus on my studies. Now that I graduated, it feels so good to return to this creative seed and expand on the vision I had way back when. Of the episodes I had the opportunity to host, this episode with Mama Julz aka The People’s Ink is so dear to my heart. We were able to go so deep in this conversation and our friendship just bloomed from that moment on. I’m also sharing this special archive with you all because Julz will be joining me again for the launch episode of When Matriarchs Gather and y’all should really take the time to hear some of her stories.

xo MF

Annick MF