What is 'When Matriarchs Gather'?

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When Matriarchs Gather is a podcast where I gather dope Matriarchs for either a group show or an intimate one-on-one episode. You may also get the occasional monologue show where I share some of my own thoughts. So what’s a Matriarch? The most common definition of a Matriarch is ‘a woman who is the head of her family’ but I’ve expanded my personal definition of to include all women who lead whether they be mamas, non-mamas, aunties, elders or youngins. If you believe in each one teach one then you know we’re all leaders at core and there’s something really special that is unleashed when we gather. Whether it’s to swap stories, share practices or shape community, these gatherings always bring more love, light & wisdom into my life. I want to share that with y’all. Tune in every Wednesday to get your own dose.

** Podcast goes up on Weds & we’re Live ON AIR with The Groundbreakers 2-3PM on CKUT the 1st Wednesday of every month **

Annick MF