WMG - Launch Episode : Ringing in the New Year with My Day Ones

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When Matriarchs Gather is officially launched!! It was such a blessing to kick off the season with a crew of dope Matriarchs who happen to also be my true day-one sistas:

  • Sundus Abdul-Hadi - Wife, Mama, Sister, Daughter. Artist, Curator, Master of Communications/Media Studies and soon to be author.

  • Mama Julz aka The People’s Ink - Mama, Community Mama, Partner, Sister, Daughter. Tattoo Ritualist, Artist, Healer and Maker.

  • Teanna Munro - Partner (and recent Fiancée! haaaaaay), Bonus Mama, Sister, Daughter, Aunty. Teacher, Poet and dedicated Community Activist.

  • Jess Glavina - Parent’s Child, Sibling, Godparent. Playwright, Creative Maker, and low-key amazing vocalist.

We chatted about life, impact and community shaping. We shared some of our rituals and practices. And overall just had a great time speaking life into one another.

Tune in so you can get some of that good good for 2019. xo MF

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Annick MF